A new beginning

  • May 20, 2020

Welcome to the 2nd incarnation of the Neuanzere project blog.

Real or percieved limits of the 0.9.2 version of Opensimulator (specifically var region size) along with a desire to help test a friends’ fork has necessitated a second project.

Going forward, Admeja will be my primary home where I play with different building ideas and continue “chasing admeja”. It will be “always up” though not necessarily “always available”.

Neuanzere will be more Epheremal. There I will be working on larger projects (eg the 1280×1280 asylum I started five years ago) and “banging on things” for my friend and giving him feedback. It will be up when I feel like having it up, and down the rest of the time.

Eventually I would like to hold vehicle events in Neuanzere -to showcase the regions and software. However a change in phsyics and scripting engines has made that a challenge.

But hasn’t wiped it off the itinerary completely!